Hello World!

Welcome to our blog. This blog contains essays, blurbs, and responses that have been written by the Grade 4 students in Miss Michelle and Miss Catherine’s “Our Lady of Peace” class. The essays represent the manner in which children have the potential to address and problem-solve worldwide issues. By addressing “big topics,” these essays show proof of how children are able to see the world in a brighter and more radical light then we, ourselves, sometimes see it. The blurbs address topics from class discussions that in some way or other have a positive meaning that is worth sharing. Lastly, the responses to literature are works that students have written in order to prepare themselves for their end-of-year exam. As these grade four students work hard on their written pieces, positive comments and feed-backs are more than appreciated. Parents, family members, schoolmates, and all else are more than welcome to encourage and support the writings of our brilliant Grade 4 students.



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